Fellow Craft Club

mason beehive

The purpose of The Fellow Craft Club is to create a social environment from which to support Manchester Hall Inc. in the conservation and maintenance of Manchester Property. The Fellow Craft Club will also initiate or assist renovation / restoration projects on the property.

Members of The Fellow Craft Club must be “members in good standing” of Manchester Lodge #12. The membership body will be made up of two groups, Charter members and General Members.
Charter Members:
Any member of Manchester Lodge who is in good standing and has paid an initiatory fee of $100.00 as one of the original club founders.
General Members:
Any member of Manchester Lodge who is in good standing and has paid an initiatory fee of $100.00. Installment arrangements may be made with the Fellow Craft Club Treasurer provided that the total fee is paid in four months.
Some of the membership benefits include use of the house, discounts on events, etc.

Annual Dues:
All Members: – $25.00
Annual Dues are payable by the Annual Meeting of The Fellow Craft Club.
Use the button below to pay your dues via PayPal.

Fellow Craft Club Activities and Updates

Adding a fence!
Adding a fence!
Curb Appeal!
Curb Appeal!
Sit by the Fire with your favoriate cigar!
Sit by the Fire with your favoriate cigar!
Swinging Grill... won't see this anywhere else!
Swinging Grill... won't see this anywhere else!
All hands on Deck!
All hands on Deck!
A Great Time!
A Great Time!
Congratulations W:. Br. Gobin!
Congratulations W:. Br. Gobin!
Cooler and Warmer!
Cooler and Warmer!
Third Annual Bourbon Dinner
Third Annual Bourbon Dinner
Another Great Themed Party!
Another Great Themed Party!

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